Airdrop Support

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Lovecoin Airdrop Withdrawal Requests made via take an average of 24-48 hours to process.

(Instructions) Before submitting a support request:

– Make sure you have followed this tutorial and downloaded a lovecoin wallet: You can either use Tronlink Wallet or Klever Wallet.

– Your submitted lovecoin wallet withdrawal address should look something like this: TAuULJ3f3wjuUZ3aFSDSHdohAgRgq7a6P5 . Correct lovecoin wallet addresses should start with the letter “T”.

– If you are using the Klever Wallet App – make sure you have selected the “TRC-10” Version “Lovecoin” Token and not the old “TRC-20” version “LOVE”. You need to do this so that the coins show up in your wallet correctly.

If you have already submitted a withdrawal request to your Klever wallet and haven’t received your coins please check to make sure you added the TRC-10 “Lovecoin” Token and not the previous version. Click on the button (as shown in the image below) within your Klever wallet below to bring up the search to check…